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Our Report
We believe that our report is the best in the business. 

Most home inspectors use computer program check list systems so that they can write the reports as quickly as possible.

We have custom designed our report to be easy to read and our report is loaded with pictures of the components inspected, helpful illustrations and web links so you can be as informed as possible.

It is important to compare reports before hiring an inspector as the report is the final product that you will receive from your inspector and is the key to making the best decision possible.

Our report takes us more time to produce but the quality of the information that is contained in our reports is worth the extra effort.

Click below to see a PDF version of our sample report.

Each system of the home inspected will be broken down into its own category:

Structural, Exterior, Roof, Plumbing, Electrical, Air Conditioning
Interior, Kitchen, Bathrooms, Garage and Carports 

All reports also include a
General Overview that is a condensed version of the defects noted.

 Defects found during this inspection are reported in four categories:

Safety Hazard - indicates a defect with a component or system which should be repaired or replaced immediatelyAn appropriate tradesperson should be contacted for further evaluation and repairs. 

Immediate Repairs Recommended- indicates an item that requires immediate attention to prevent possible injury or to prevent further damage.  An appropriate tradesperson should be contacted for further evaluation and repairs. 

Repairs Recommended - indicates an item that is either not installed according to the manufacturer’s instructions or is not functioning properly.  The repairs recommended are to ensure proper operation and safety of a component or system.  An appropriate tradesperson should be contacted for further evaluation and repairs. 

Maintenance Concern or Safety Upgrade - indicates an item that is considered a typical maintenance item or an item that does not meet current building safety standards and attention to this item is recommended to ensure proper operation, longevity and safety of a component or system. 

A fifth category “Further Evaluation Recommended” is the recommendation to obtain further information from the seller regarding important time lines and permit information of a particular issue noted. 

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